Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bill Bartmann MarketingTips: Podcasts to Promote Business

When it comes to having an online presence there are a number of ways you can go. One of the popular things to do these days is to have podcasts available to download. Podcasts are literally informational audio recordings or videos that will give people information and be a little bit of an ad for your company at the same time.

How they work:

Generally a podcast will be an informational article that is recorded in an audio or video format. Often these are uploaded to a website like iTunes and people can download them and play them in the car, on a morning walk or on their computer. In today's busy world this is where a lot of people get their information

How They Help You

The way podcasts help your company is that you make sure your company name is mentioned throughout the podcast. This will do a couple of things. First you will be able to put the name of your company in the mind of the person who is listening. If they enjoy the podcast, they will equate your company name with that, meaning they will have a positive view of your company

Another purpose of the podcast is to promote yourself as an expert in your field. If you are a person out who wants to learn about a topic and you find a podcast that helps you, you are going to be appreciative of the company behind that podcast. You may even decide to listen to a number of their other podcasts. All the information they are able to get from your podcasts will make you the person that knows everything in your field, and therefore they will come to you not only when they want to hear podcasts, but also when they want a solution. They will come to you since they believe you know everything about your industry.

What to Put In Podcasts

Bill Bartmann's tip # 1 is when it comes to creating podcasts you need to make sure they are interesting and informative. This is not always the easiest thing to come up with. The first few are ok, but after a while and when you are doing one each week, you will start to run out of ideas. This is where you can hire a writer to come in and write podcasts for you.

In addition to putting information that is useful inside your podcasts, also make sure you put the information that you need them to have in the mix. That means make sure you mention your company name, website, location and perhaps a line or so about who or what you are and do. Give people a way to contact you in case they do want to do business with you.

The Sound

Bill Bartmann's tip # 2 is to make sure that the sound of your podcasts is music to their ears. You want to make sure the voice is a professional one that is impressive to listen to.

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